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Sound Devices 633 Mixer/Recorder (6 track to 10ch recorder)

Sound Devices 552 Mixer/Recorder (5 track to 2ch Recorder)

Sennheiser 416P Shotgun Microphone + Rycote Windshield

Wisycom MCR54 + MPT Radio Microphone system

Cos 11 Lapel Microphones

Sennheiser ew100 G3 radio mic kits

Sennheiser G2 IEMs x 6 (Director/Client Headphones)

Ld Systems IEM x4 (Director/Client Headphones)

Panamic Short Boom Pole

Panamic Maxi Drama Pole

Rode Nt4 Stereo XY Microphone

Sennhieser HD25 Headphones

Various cables, accessories, stickies, tapes

Mac Book Pro with editing software


Additional radio mics, TC, IEM systems ect easily hired on request from reliable sources. 

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